1% for biodiversity

Van M commits to the Athenas Centre

Created in 1987, Centre Athénas was set up to collect, care for and rehabilitate species of European wildlife and then release them into the wild, but also to raise public awareness of biodiversity protection.


Located in the commune of L’Etoile, in the Jura, the centre covers 11 French departments and in the 34 years of its existence, it has taken in more than 34,000 animals, 18,000 of which have been released, for an average of more or less 3,500 animals per year. These figures are constantly increasing and have already doubled over the last five years.


The association is home to a variety of fauna: birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals such as the Lynx Boréal, a species that has recently returned to French territory, but still needs to be monitored due to various human activities. Road traffic, collisions, animal trafficking, poaching and orphans are collected and monitored once they are released into their natural environment.


Since he was young, Van M’s creator, Thomas Durin, has been used to walking in fields and forests and, over the years and through his encounters, has developed a particular sensitivity to local biodiversity.


Today, the committed Belgian brand is launching a new partnership with Centre Athénas to support this local preservation work.


For each piece purchased, 1% will be donated to the Athenas Centre in order to safeguard this local and international biodiversity that we must protect without delay.


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