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How to take care of it?

Nowadays, fashion is becoming more and more important in our lives and is an integral part of it. We use clothes simply to dress ourselves, to convey a message, to express an idea or also to show our belonging to a group or social environment. But it must also be recognised that the clothing sector is among the most polluting in the world after the oil sector.

Today, a lot of innovations are coming out of the ground to advocate greener and more sustainable fashion in order to compete with what professionals call “fast-fashion” and guide designers towards “slow-fashion”, upcycling and recycling or raw materials from eco-responsible agriculture.

Not everything was done in one day; it took disasters and studies to lead this field towards a more environmentally conscious way of thinking. It is with a view to continuité́ of this eco-responsible awakening that Van M wishes to offer collections as an ode to nature and women.


How do you take care of your clothes so that they last over time?

More than 45% of the ecological impact comes from the care of textile fibres.

It is therefore recommended that you wash your items at 30°C with similar colours, using an ecological detergent without optical brighteners or bleaching agents (e.g. percarbonates).

Then, a flat air dry is recommended for this step in order not to risk damaging the fibres of the fabric in your drum and finish by ironing, if necessary, with a damp or steam iron, always on the reverse side to avoid streaks, at the right temperature with the programme: linen/cotton.

What about stains?

The best stain removers are Marseille soap and terre de Sommières (fine clay powder and good natural stain remover).


What care should be taken with vegetable latex?

This material, made from the Hevea tree in Brazil, does not require much attention for its maintenance. In order to preserve this fabric, it is essential to keep it in a dry place with the possibility of passing neutral vegetable oil every six months to avoid dryness and maintain its shine.

But be careful, don’t forget to read the washing instructions on the label in order to choose the programme and the detergent to use.

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