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A meeting with Candy



Born in Le Mans, Candy, whose real name is Kandia, spent her childhood in Toulouse and then moved with her family to Paris. Today, she divides her life between São Paulo, where she lived for a few years, and Paris, which is her heart city.

Passionate about French culture and all it has to offer, this great traveler is also an epicurean. From gastronomy to oenology, she likes to sit down with a book while sipping a glass of white wine at Nemours.


From her first job as a flight attendant, she keeps a taste for travel with a huge place in her life for culture, but do not talk to her about intolerance, ignorance or lack of elegance.

Today, we make you discover this smiling, natural and big-hearted woman!



Candy in a few words ?

Smiling, bubbly, happy, elegant and sometimes a little bit annoying (yes I have a temper)!

A song that is playing on a loop right now?

Marea ” We’ve lost dancing “.

A little daily routine?

Pray and thank God!

A book on your bedside table?

“The Art of Happiness” – His Holiness Dalai Lama (it’s the only one that stays there constantly).

A place to breathe and recharge your batteries?

No particular place, just stop and take time for myself. Happiness and peace are within us and not in the place.

A typical day with Candy ?

In the morning, walking in the garden of the Palais Royal and then sitting on one of the poem-chairs or along the quays of the Seine and sitting on the Pont des Arts to contemplate the magnificent view.

Then it’s a marathon, between my classes, working on my personal project, chatting with my family and friends, taking a cultural break or just strolling around Paris to get some fresh air.

Late afternoon aperitif, small glass of white wine on the terrace or quietly on my sofa and I end my day with my sport session with my online coach.

A wish for 2022?

Good health for me and my family.

What inspires you?

People who embark on new adventures out of love and belief in their project, but also people who manage to make a difference in the lives of others and who, by their position, manage to change something, however small, in today’s world.

A woman who inspires you?

My mom, for her strength of character, because she is a fighter, for all that she has accomplished and continues to accomplish, for her love and compassion for others.

And Inès de Fressange by her simplicity, her discretion and her elegance.

In a few words, what does it mean to be a woman today?

To be a woman today is simply to feel free, free to reach our goals, free in our way of dressing but also of thinking, free in our life choices.

To be a woman today if you want it is just wonderful, it is beautiful to be a woman and I am happy and proud to be one!

A leitmotiv to share?

“Nothing is impossible to the one who believes.”

Pictures credits : Carina Ta Legao

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