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The Iemanja festival, created in 1920, tells that after meagre catches, Bahian fishermen turned to the saints in order to demand more abundant fishing.

In the morning, the people gather on the beach and dance to the sound of drums and African songs before making their offerings to the sea. On this date, usually thousands of people participate: rich and poor, white and black, Brazilians and foreigners. This festival gives rise to many cultural events.


On February 2, 2021, Van M officially launched its “Iemanja” bag in honour of this deity who inspired the colours and details of this accessory, which joins the SS21 “Trait d’Union” capsule collection, to be discovered in pre-sale and exclusively on the brand’s website.

To plunge you into the atmosphere until the end, we have concocted a small playlist. If you don’t have Spotify, no problem, it’s here.

And while waiting to discover our next “Portraits of Women” with Tissy Brauen, discover in exclusivity some pictures of Van M in São Paulo …

vanm-made-in-belgium-ecofriendly-brasil-sao-paulo-shooting-credit-tissy-brauen-photographer-christian-maldonado-1    vanm-made-in-belgium-ecofriendly-brasil-sao-paulo-shooting-credit-tissy-brauen-photographer-christian-maldonado-3    vanm-made-in-belgium-ecofriendly-brasil-sao-paulo-shooting-credit-tissy-brauen-photographer-christian-maldonado-4 

©model – Tissy Brauen / ©photographer – Christian Maldonado

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