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Meeting with Nada Zeineh


With a background in architecture, Nada Zeineh grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. In 1987, she decided to start creating jewellery by playing with materials and shapes to offer strong pieces that are out of her imagination. In 2004, the designer opened her own showroom mixing jewellery and small sculptures such as mobiles, small table flowers or static pieces.

Inspired by abstract geometry, Middle Eastern culture, Greco-Roman and Islamic civilisations, without forgetting the fauna and flora and ethnic jewellery, Nada Zeineh is constantly proposing more and more elegant pieces with simplicity, playfulness, lightness and timelessness as her watchwords.

Today, we introduce you to this innovative, smiling and natural woman.



Nada Zeineh in a few words?

I would say loyal and perfectionist

A song that’s on a loop right now?

Fragile de Sting, le Manège de Stanislas, Navegar de Bïa.

A little daily ritual?

A Turkish coffee in the morning while reading the press

A place to breathe and recharge your batteries?

My home in the Chouf mountain in Lebanon. A total immersion in nature. Otherwise Paris when it is possible and the museums are open.

A typical day with Nada?

I don’t really have a typical day apart from coffee in the morning. Otherwise my days can go from passive contemplation to intense activity: jewellery or ceramics in my studio. It depends a lot on the current events in Lebanon

A wish for 2021?

Several. That the government falls… That we can start hugging and kissing our loved ones again without masks.

A woman who inspires you? 

All women inspire me, from the most humble to the most famous. I admire their courage, their empathy, their practical sense, their perpetual struggle to preserve their rights, especially in my country.

If you could have lunch with a female personality, who would she be? 

I am thinking of Maya Ibrahimcha, founder of Beit el Baraka, one of the most effective NGOs here.

A women’s advise?

Don’t shut up!

A leitmotiv to share?

Life has more imagination than we do…

In a few words, what does it mean to be a woman today?

It is to be a light in the darkness of men. Hahaha! I’m exaggerating a bit…, but I still think that the world would be better run by women!


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