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Meeting with Karma Salman

Born in London and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Karma Salman embarked on the adventure with its own jewellery brand in 2015 after many international encounters and studies.


Inspired by Lebanese antiquity and the architecture that surrounds her, this young designer never ceases to surprise with creations mixing poetry, travel, fragility, modernity and femininity. She likes to imagine her creations as miniature sculptures to bring out a timeless piece. Today, we introduce you to this woman of natural beauty, overflowing imagination and undeniable kindness.



Karma Salman in a few words?

An arm wrestling covered with a velvet glove.

A fetish animal? 

The unicorn!

A little daily ritual?

  A little sugar in my coffee.

A place to take a breather and recharge your batteries?

  A terrace in Sofar, Mount Lebanon.

A modern woman who inspires you?

  My mother, my grandmother.

What are your inspirations to create?

  Architecture and light.

In a few words, what does it mean to be a woman today? 

A bit of classic, a bit of modern and a lot of spice.

What are the current challenges to improve women’s conditions?

  Are we really still talking about that in 2020?!

Today, what makes you fulfilled as a woman? 

I wake up every morning in love with my job.

Any advice from a woman? 

The leaves are falling but the tree is not worried.

A leitmotiv to share? 

🤔 🤔 🤔

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