Harmony of body and mind

Meeting with Maud Dabs


Trained as a live model, the French artist, Maud Dabs, gave birth to black features, shapes, contours, curves but above all she gave life to the search for an oxymoron which is harmony between body and mind. The body, at the centre of her reflection, Maud Dabs draws it from all angles, proposing unique feminine designs. From her fingers appear emotions, thoughts, movements and postures reflecting states of mind.

Questioning sensuality and femininity, his work never ceases to surprise and make his audience dream, taking them to a world where everything is calm and intimate. Today, we introduce you to this warm-hearted woman with a flourishing imagination and a lyrical touch.


Maud Dabs in a few words?

Ink, acrylic, pencils – black materials, always, to highlight bodies.

A music that’s on a loop at the moment?

Kid Francescoli, Les Vitrines.

A little daily ritual?

I like coffee and cigarettes in the morning. And taking the time to get dressed: I can’t start the day if I’m not happy with the way I look, even alone at home.

A destination to recharge your batteries away from the city?

Actually, I believe that it is when I create that I get exhausted and paradoxically I resource myself the most – that’s when I really travel. Otherwise… I’m very urban!

A contemporary woman who inspires you?

I couldn’t name one woman precisely. I love attitudes, above all, and I compose my inspirations from them. Let’s just say that the crazy women who let light pass through, that speaks to me…

What are your inspirations to create?

Literature, especially Baudelaire, but also the wives of Edward Hopper and Helmut Newton, the stroke of Keith Haring and Egon Schiele, the universe of Tim Burton… In fact, I like everything that is very aesthetic and spleenesque to death at the same time, especially if it’s in black and white.

A female artist with whom you feel in tune?

Agathe Toman is a contemporary artist that I appreciate a lot: her black monoliths, full of lights, reliefs, reflections… her works are breathtaking. I don’t know if we are in phase, but her treatment of black is to die for, and that speaks to me!

Today, what makes you feel fulfilled as a woman?

The fact that I live in a part of the world and an environment where I have the right to be and become who I am before I am “a woman”. This is an opportunity that not all of us have and yet it should be a norm.

A woman’s advise?

When I was a child, my grandmother always told me: ‘stand up straight’. A very good piece of advice, which should be applied to the body as well as to the mind.

A leitmotiv to share?

“Black is a very happy colour”.

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