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Happy 467th Birthday São Paulo


Founded on January 25, 1554, the city first developed using gold from the surrounding mines until the end of the 18th century. Then, she experienced prosperity thanks to the cultivation of coffee and sugar. Since then, São Paulo has become the largest city in Brazil recognized internationally for being the cultural and financial center of the country.


A city rich both on the music scene and for its many museums such as the Pinacoteca, the IMS Paulista, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil to name a few and to this, are added its renowned gastronomy and its luxury brands.

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Marlène Dietrich once said: “Rio is a beauty. But São Paulo – São Paulo is a city. An intimidating, vibrant and colorful city unlike any other city in Latin America.


Sampa, as Brazilians call it, is nothing like what we can imagine or as it is portrayed on television. You have to get to know it, explore and let yourself be intoxicated by its buildings, its daily entertainment and its colors that change according to the day and moods. Not a day goes by that São Paulo has something new to offer.

vanm-ecofriendly-made-in-belgium-brand-fashion-mode-design-ethical-responsable-bresil-sao-paulo-pinacotheque-pinacoteca-credit-unsplash-alecsander-alvers    vanm-ecofriendly-made-in-belgium-brand-fashion-mode-design-ethical-responsable-bresil-sao-paulo-beco-do-batman-vila-madalena-credit-personal-archive

Let yourself be guided by its magical atmosphere which will transport you through its history while strolling along the sidewalks designed by Mirthes Bernardes in 1965 and which inspired the motif of the SS21 “Trait d’Ution” collection.

vanm-ecofriendly-made-in-belgium-sao-paulo-street-designer-mirthes-bernardes-credit-sao-paulo-blog-da-arquitetura  vanm-ecofriendly-made-in-belgium-sao-paulo-street-designer-mirthes-bernardes-credit-tvfolha

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