Wearing an outfit twice? A habit to adopt!

Don’t follow the trend of the social media, but create your own.

This may seem like a lunar injunction, but it is increasingly necessary to repeat. Indeed, with the advent of social networks, a new perverse effect related to the clothing habits of some has emerged.

Social networks have caused quite a few ills so far, and the fear of postponing an outfit is one of them. On Instagram or other social networks in general, many users only and often post photos where they look their best.

There are many elements that contribute to the perfect photo: the most beautiful outfit, the most beautiful setting, the most beautiful pose, the most beautiful quality and all that follows.

The look therefore plays a major role in the making of the ideal publication. The user will do his best to get a picture where he will wear a nice outfit, and in some cases, a new piece. This implies having a large enough supply of clothes to achieve this goal.


It is in this context that many brands of fast fashion at very low prices have been able to develop their business. Indeed, when we are in a perspective where we want to systematically appear in new clothes, the Chinese fast fashion brands are a godsend. With very few euros, it becomes possible to build a style that will be ideal for an Instagram publication.

However, the low price combines poor quality and poor production conditions in which these clothes, intended for a digital life, are manufactured by people who are very poorly paid and overworked. All these ethical elements are flouted for a simple appearance, and this phenomenon is accentuated by the influencer industry that has become ubiquitous on social networks in a very short time.


Social media and influence

The meteoric rise of influencers on social networks has coincided (coincidentally or not) with the rise of new fast fashion online stores. The sales of these stores have totally exploded over time and are constantly finding new members and influencers are not for nothing.

In fact, influencers, despite their sometimes high incomes, often promote these pieces without, of course, mentioning the production conditions.

These people create content where they show their purchases and often, the amount of clothes purchased seems implausible.

Every opportunity is good to show the latest finds. Moreover, since influencers have the task of producing content on a daily basis, a new outfit for each post seems to become one of the rules to be respected at all costs.

And it comes at the right time when these sites send clothes for free, but it remains a fairly low investment so it is very profitable for the influencer when she has to buy the pieces herself.

By promoting these clothes and only wearing them a few times, or even once. It has become inconceivable for some people to wear the same outfit several times.

It is therefore this context that ephemeral trends are increasingly numerous. Clothes are not worn as long and as much as before. People get bored very quickly and feel unconsciously obliged to put certain pieces in the garbage, because they are no longer visible on social networks and especially, on influencers.

This has an impact on the consumption habits of consumers who will not so much go for quality clothes, but especially for the cheapest clothes.


Important events

Another aspect where we can reflect on the repetition of looks, is the repetition of outfits on important occasions.

We agree, this is not as serious as the phenomenon mentioned above. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to think about it. Many of us systematically buy new outfits when we have an event coming up: a wedding, a christening, a birthday, there is no lack of occasions.

As a result, this creates a pile of clothes that can only be worn on certain very special days and that few people dare to wear in other circumstances. And for good reason, you don’t want to be seen again in those clothes, especially since in this kind of events, photos are taken. It is therefore perceived as quite embarrassing to appear all the time in the same clothes especially for a woman!

A man will be less confronted with this problem since his outfit will consist of just a suit that he can wear indefinitely, because very few people will know the difference. Thus, women are sometimes under a rather unspoken pressure that forces them to renew their outfits much more frequently during important moments.

And in these cases, it is more often clothes that have cost more than those we usually wear and are, also, of a better quality. It’s a shame and a pity to let these clothes go to waste. It is necessary to free oneself from this habit, and on the contrary, to wear these pieces as many times as one wishes, since they are clearly worth it.


Even though the clothes we choose to wear can be a reflection of our personality, the number of times we decide to wear these looks is not, however, correlated to our personality.

The only thing it can show is that we make timeless clothing choices that survive the years, the occasions, the photos and that we are proud of them.


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