Zero Waste, habits to adopt

Everyone can do it

Zero Waste is the fact of producing as little waste as possible. An effort that goes hand in hand with a lifestyle that is respectful of the environment.


This concept was born from the observation of the growing overproduction of packaging. In 2018, the World Bank announced the figure of 2 billion tons of waste per year. This colossal figure encourages us to question our habits and to think of different ways to reduce this figure. The idea seems to answer this concern. It also allows us to rethink the way we consume in order to produce less waste.

Without realizing it, we produce, on our own, kilos of waste that sometimes can not be recycled. Recycling remains a good alternative, but not producing superfluous waste remains a priority. The latter accumulate and multiply in the households whereas small efforts could do the trick. Zero waste can be practiced on a small scale.


The promise of zero waste is full of small actions that seem small, but make a big difference in the long run. Everyone can make an effort on a specific level such as carrying a cloth bag at all times, walking around with a water bottle, buying rechargeable office equipment, avoiding printing all the time, having an anti-advertising sticker on your mailbox, using cloth make-up remover pads, installing a compost in your garden or kitchen, having your own insulated bottle for your coffee, etc.

Ideas for a change

Sharing and bartering are also good alternatives to produce unnecessary waste. There are many citizen initiatives that allow, for example, to share DIY equipment or even a bike! A screwdriver is only used occasionally and therefore it spends more time in the cellar than anything else.


Nevertheless, the possibility of borrowing or sharing a tool allows to give an optimal use to it. This way of life rethinks the concept of possession of objects which has become more and more important in the last centuries.

It is interesting to question this pattern and to turn, as far as possible, to loans or rentals.

By digging a little, we can see that many citizen initiatives are flourishing in cities around the world and meet certain specific needs. There is always a habit to improve…


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